Trust the Process Gods Plan for Fulfilling His Promises For Your Life

You will go to bed, "Why am I so tired? Why do I feel so exhausted?" Because you're living outside your purpose and it is exhausting. To have one foot in the world and one foot in the church, you get the worst of both worlds. "I don't want to drive on 635 anymore." When 635 comes up in conversation, "I don't like 635." You avoid 635.
And yet, according to Scripture, God’s voice of correction is driven from a basis of love. Joshua Knew His History – In Numbers 13 we read that Moses sent a group of 12 men to explore the land of Canaan which God had promised to give to the Israelites. After 40 days of exploring the land, the men returned to Moses and Aaron with their report.

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And without hearing the Word, you live your life without faith. This is why prioritizing church is so important! Because faith comes when you hear the Word of God. And trust me, you are going to hear the Word of God every single Sunday here at NoLimits. As I'm going through this trial, this study helped me to see the importance to stand firm on the Word of God and to praise and pray my way through. I always said in my heart to understand a matter will help you to overcome a situation.

Thanks so much for posting this, it has really helped me and I pray that God helps me know my God-given purpose. Thank you for this amazing teaching of our almighty God. Very uplifting for a better understanding of the purposes God desires for all of us. For instance, this blog post I wrote can be read by you and hundreds of others. Consider integrating ways to scale when choosing a vocation because then your influence and income won’t have any limitations. I’m big on technology and believe that we can reach people online through websites, social media and other forms of online communication.
“But God was consistent in His guidance and always there to cover me and carry me through,” her note stated. When the Israelites saw Pharaoh’s soldiers in the distance charging toward them, it appeared as though they were trapped with no apparent way out. Terrified, the people cried out to Moses in despair. There seemed to be no hope for them at all. Living the Christian life is a journey.

She only needed to touch Jesus’ robe, and she would be well again. Contact us today and fellowship with us in any of our Holy Ghost Power Packed Service and experience the supernatural. Praying ‘Thy will be done’ has been so helpful in recent years as I give up my rights and agendas and plans to rescue, fix, and save. Wow, that is such a powerful quote, Jeannie.
This simple gesture was unnecessary, but profound. It shows how personally attached God is in our lives. And reading it inspires me to want to do the same. Faith and love is deciding to take a risk to have a conversation with someone that you wouldn’t have had on your own, because you believe God put them in your life for a reason.
Through much of this, I was outwardly "Christian." I served in church, teaching classes and leading worship. However, this "service" was only the outward cover for the lie I was living. I know what it's like to be a "double-minded man, unstable in all his ways." I tried my way and it didn't work.

I thought this was a good refresher and practical guide to applying each of the 25 principles in my daily life. I would NOT recommend reading this book instead of reading the entire 9 book series but I would recommend having it around as a handbook to dip in and out of from time to time. By reading this book without reading the entire series you'll get a great overview of the core principles but you miss so much more. I can't stress enough that this book should be read as a companion to the full series not as a supplement.
He might respond through a still small voice, or a Bible verse, or a song. Whatever you need, whatever you’re going through, God has a promise for you. The Little Lamb- We hope this message reminds you to help others. That’s why I press so hard for people to read God’s Word, to get filled with faith and then to act on that faith. People have found that, when they feed on God’s Word, believe on it and then ACT on it, that God is not limited by their age, sex, education or past failures.

Walsch presents a new way of looking at God that works for me. Highly recommended to anyone in search of ways to live a more spiritual and more loving life. Lord, we want to be people who set our hearts to study the Word of God and to obey it, and then to teach it to all of our friends.
If something bad happens to us, we don’t have to believe we have a bad life. If someone hurts our feelings, we can forgive and refuse to let it fester in our thoughts and steal our confidence. If someone insults us, we can focus on our positive attributes and remember what God’s Word says about us is most important. The only 2 things that limit God are sin and unbelief. Sin in your life will hinder God’s moving and working in your situation.

Weigh the pros and cons of each option – write down all the possible outcomes of taking each of them. If all their outcomes are good, look for the best one among them. If the outcomes are all bad, then look for the option which has the least unfavourable outcome. I’m too “encumbered by problems” — Joseph is the perfect fellow to follow. Joseph was only 17; David was practically a child; Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego were teenagers; think of the young boy’s lunch that Jesus used to feed the 5,000. Jesus loves children – so dare to dream.

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