Australian Children's Furniture Montessori Inspired

Where this is the case you will be advised within the item description and the additional handling fee will be added to your overall order in the checkout process. We’ve tried and tested the perfect number of pieces and it turns out that’s six. Description This cradle was designed as a reassuring cocoon for the first months of your baby life, as well as the place where they will gradually ... Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy.
It simply means that instead of banning scissors entirely parents can instead choose age-appropriate scissors,testthese for effectiveness ,demonstratethem to the child,supervisethe attempts andcustomisethe experience. If your item arrives in good condition, but it is not what you expected or you have changed your mind, we invite you to please contact us to discuss your concerns. We are extremely confident about the quality of products that we provide but ultimately we realise that each child, each family and each classroom is unique so there may be instances where a product arrives and you realise it might not be the perfect fit for your environment. Please get in touch so we can help to resolve your issue, either by advising you on ways that you can adjust/present the product to suit your needs or by helping to arrange a return or exchange.

Our product development team have continued to focus on providing quality and affordable resources that fit the needs of the early years learning environment. We have worked with experts to deliver you a paint that is first class to ensure a thick consistency, vibrancy of colour and most importantly to parents and educators alike it easily washes out of clothes. And take a look at the design of the 500 ml paint bottle, the unique shape makes the bottle easy to grab and hold.
Provide safety equipment, and an appropriate environment, to ensure that risks are minimised. We ask customers from outside of Australia to please Contact Us or send an email a list of your chosen items and your shipping address. We can then put together an invoice including actual shipping costs and send this to you so you can decide whether to formally move ahead with the order. We achieve this goal by utilising recycled shipping and packing materials , by using creative “Tetris-style” packing patterns to fit orders into smaller parcels or packages and, in some cases, by simply absorbing some of the costs ourselves.

Our eco range is 100% natural, made from organic wood and painted with safe, natural colours. While supporting your kids, we also acknowledge and respect that families are their first teacher. We help to guide, support and educate families on the latest early childhood research. Guide & Grow recognises that we are all in a constant state of learning and empowers parents through online workshops, resources and insights. We find them so beneficial in providing practical strategies to tackle situations with an emphasis on setting boundaries and guiding behaviors through communication in a supportive, caring and warm environment so that everyone learns and grows along the way. I have had the pleasure of attending some of the workshops Guide & Grow have offered.
Here at Fox Wood Co our aim is to provide the most diverse range of handmade products that enrich the lives of families all over Australia. Our Montessori inspired range of play equipment for kids encourages open ended play and assists motor skill development while providing years of fun. We also have an always growing range of bookshelves, tables and learning towers that are built specifically to suit little people. These multi purpose units are easily accessible and can store, organise and present classroom resources ready for use. Not only can these units be used as an independent storage shelf , they can be combined with other units from the Versatek range to mark out different areas, acting as a room divider to create separate learning spaces.
Once your little one is ready to transition to a toddler bed sleeping arrangement, the floor bed will be all set up to receive them in their nursery. Developed by Hungarian paediatrician, Dr Emmi Pikler, the Pikler Triangle acts as the perfect building block in children's gross motor development - giving them ability to intuitively discover their abilities and physical limits in their own time. It stimulates a child’s imagination and provides a fun, wholesome and eco friendly source of tactile learning.

“All” stands for our belief that all children deserve the best of early education. The Wedge is crafted from extra firm foam to give you even more options Montessori furniture Australia for building and play! Your child will love holding onto the durable handle, tumbling, rolling, and zooming their favourite vehicles down it.
It’s only when I got home and applied the skills that I learned and saw that it WORKED, that I knew this was going to change things around our home. In keeping with the concept of floor play, a lack of clutter, and open-ended imagination time, start your little one out early with a simple tummy time mat or floor pillow. This is a dedicated space for them to play and think, and as they grow it will be incorporated in their creative play many different ways.

My Happy Helpers specially curated range of Children’s Furniture will help you transform your little ones play space and bedroom into an absolute dream. Fill your home with wonderful furniture which brightens your child’s life, thanks to My Happy Helper and Montessori furniture. I love how Growing Kind has a processing time instead of being surprised. My order was shipping within the processing time and tracking was given promptly.
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Made from the recycled branches of the Acacia tree, this is an eco-friendly and stunning option for... These sturdy towers are made from 100% solid wood, meaning that they won’t collapse and don’t have the nasty look and smell that towers made from cheaper materials can have. Also, the clever 2 in 1 design means that the My Duckling Learning Tower can be used and enjoyed in multiple ways; from a standing stool at bench height to help with cooking, to a magnetic drawing board play station. Create a welcoming and inspiring classroom or childcare centre, and have young students playing and learning at their fullest potential, with our large range of great value, education focussed, furniture and storage options. Natural materials are important in a Montessori nursery, which means there will be a lot of bare wood, wool, and so on. While neutrals are thus inherently a part of Montessori-inspired spaces, babies thrive on colour, too.
As they’re made using natural materials, they encourage floor time, and can be converted for other creative uses later, they make a great addition to the Montessori nursery. Open the door to the great outdoors and give your child fun outside toys to play with. These toys are easy to assemble and lightweight for convenient setup and placement. The adjustable features make these toys suitable for a broad age range.

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