Best 10 Wedding Photographers of Melbourne & Victoria

Being a much quitter place for wedding photography, you can enjoy a relaxing wedding photo session at the South Melbourne Town Hall. And the spacious space at front is ideal for some car shots as well. Walking into this cultural lane in Melbourne, you will find stone walls filled with vibrant colours of edgy graffiti and stencils. The Hosier Lane is the perfect place to feature some unique vibe onto your wedding photography. Located in Melbourne’s inner south suburb, the St Kilda Botanical Gardens is the go-to choice for extraordinary wedding photography for bride who is getting married at venues such as the Quat Quatta and the Harbour Room. If you are planning to do wedding photography at one location near Melbourne CBD but don’t want to travel too far, the Royal Exhibition Building and surrounding gardens is the perfect choice.
Once the groom has been allowed entry, there will be a formal tea ceremony at the bride's house. This is an important ceremony as it signifies the bride’s parents giving their blessing to the couple. Special moments like these provide excellent opportunities for any Chinese wedding videographer. We pride ourselves on taking as many photos as we can in the time available.

Since the ‘firing squad’ style that your grandparents and parents have undergone, bridal photography has come a long way. Starting from the traditional approach where the happy couple along with the in-laws are usually seen posing stiffly by the church door, there’s now documentary, fine-art and many more on the list. Journalistic or storytelling wedding photography has gained much preference in the last decade or so, and there are many pros specialized in this candid and relaxed manner. We specialize in the fine art of capturing candid moments in natural-lit settings. Our unobtrusive style catches real emotions and moments as they happen, allowing the pure love of the day to shine through in every real smile or tearful hug that we photograph.
If you have chosen a good professional photographer and are happy and enjoying yourself on your wedding day, your wedding photos cannot help but be simply stunning. The best wedding photos are those in which the bride and groom look relaxed and like they are having fun. If you have a good rapport with your photographer, he or she will be able to help you feel at ease in front of the camera. If you’re still camera shy, try relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and visualising that you and your partner are completely alone. If your special date works for the photographer, too, then you can proceed to ask about package details including pricing to see if their rates fit within your budget. Some wedding photographers may offer everything from engagement photos and albums whereas others have a more specific coverage option.

With individualized attention and romantic styles, engaged couples can have their pick from some of the finest wedding photographers in the industry. When contacting any of these wedding photographers in Melbourne, be sure to see if they are available for your wedding day first and foremost. We are one of the most talented wedding photography and videography team based in Melbourne.
Their parents have taught them what it means to love and be loved, and they will carry on their legacy. Victor was born and raised in Beijing, China and later moved to Melbourne to get his double degree in Engineering and Computer science from Melbourne University. He then decided to have a full career change from IBM to pursue his dream in photography. He is a multiple award winning photographer who has also been mentioned in Vogue Ballroom and Vines of the Yarra Valley. Our cosy studio in Elsternwick provides a nurturing space for you to relax with your baby whilst capturing that special bond you have made together. With a stone’s throw distance to major wedding venues such as the Metropolis Events and the OId Treasury Building.
Chinese migrants have been settling in the city since the Victorian gold rush of the 1850s, and today make up a substantial proportion of Melbourne’s population. Since 2001, the number of Chinese-born migrants living in Melbourne has more than doubled. By using gold poppy flower, this style gives a elegant style photo shoot. A big warehouse-size studio in a good location, with a wall of south-facing windows.

Steph and Sean started the day with a traditional Chinese tea cermony in Southbank – red tea pots and cups – a matching Chinese dress – the family gathered to celebrate their marriage. After marriage etiquette is that the new couple should show respect for their elders. On the second day of the wedding, the bride's first job is to enter the kitchen and start cooking to honor her husband's parents. After breakfast, the groom brings gifts to accompany the bride back to her original home to visit the bride's parents, which is also called "Hui men". Studio photography with traditional Chinese wedding dresses in red background.
The most important person on your wedding day, and the hardest one to choose, is the wedding photographer. For instance, if he is best wedding photographer in Melbourne and best wedding photographer can provide my good service, therefore this wedding photographer can provide a good wedding photography service to us. A wedding photographer, not necessarily good wedding photographer, must possess two fundamental conditions and sophisticatedly 墨尔本护照代办 blend the aesthetic sense into the bride and groom personal desires. Founded in 1853, the heritage Melbourne University offers one of the most stunning backdrops for wedding photography. Being the oldest university in Victoria and a true icon of Melbourne, there are hundreds of newlyweds come here to take wedding photos each year. Closely located to Melbourne CBD wedding venues such as the Mon Bijou and the Grand Hyatt.

We are a team of passionate artists specializing in fine art wedding photography. Our signature style is creative and laidback, the perfect blend to complement any wedding style. I think it is incredible how photos can tell stories, how images can take you back to a memory or a feeling, and this is why I love wedding photography. Flora Photography provides a range of wedding services from photography, video and makeup service. Our teams are made up of a few creative and enthusiastic professional with extensive experience in the wedding industry.

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